Vital Signs Alert- CRADLE device by Microlife

VSA, vital signs alert, CRADLE, preeclampsia
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Introducing the first of its kind vital signs monitor. The CRADLE VSA by Microlife is the first device validated in pregnant women and for use in lower resource settings.
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  • Handheld semi-automatic device to measure vital signs
  • Replaces need for blood pressure cuff + stethoscope for those with minimal medical training
  • Traffic signal warnings for SHOCK and high blood pressure (red, yellow, green) so that anyone can use it
  • Identifies shock after hemorrhage and high blood pressure due to eclampsia (2 leading causes of maternal death)

Additional details

  • CE-marked
  • Utlra low cost and very rugged (can be used 20,000 times)
  • A/A grade according to the BHS grading criteria (only blood pressure cuff designated accurate
    for pregnancy)
  • Tested extensively in clinical trials (larger trial ongoing in ten countries now)
  • Meets WHO guidelines for use in low resource settings
  • Fulfills the standard required by the ANSI/AAMI/ISO protocol.
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