"We will be ordering more items from your organization in the future and thank you for your inspired commitment to practical technologies"

-Haiti Village Health Program

"The use of the items is making the work easy for health workers and helping immensely to save the lives of pregnant women."

Zion Ministries Referral Center, Sierra Leone

"Maternova has added a degree of stability to what can otherwise be a very fragmented world of maternal and newborn relevant technologies. It is the first site I visit when I am discussing a potentially new technology effort."

Kristian R Olson MD, MPH, DTM&H, Medical Director of CAMTech (Center for Affordable Medical Technologies) at the Mass General Center for Global Health

"Bairo Paite said they are very useful and helpful to the midwives. The rapid hemoglobin test is one thing that she's very very thankful to get."

-Bairo Paite Clinic, East Timor

“The midwives all LOVED the phone chargers, solar headlamps, and hemoglobinometers. The solar headlamps are used on overnight shifts at the hospital, during the time when there is
no electricity.“

-Midwives for Haiti

“We screened around 50 pregnant women with the hemoglobin strips and started treatment with prenatal vitamins with iron appropriately. Thank you for your help by providing resources for us to use on our first medical mission to the rural Maasai people of Northern Tanzania.”

-Calvary Connections International

“I go to Maternova to identify which technologies have been developed and receive updates on MNCH global health technology development. They are a great source for information with a user-friendly platform.”

Aya Caldwell, Program Manager, Center for Global Health at Massachusetts General Hospital