What if you could do NOTHING for 90 seconds and save lives? TICC TOCC Campaign

At the #HealthFOO unconference this past weekend, one presentation officially blew my mind. For an organization that studies technology, it's important to remember that often simply NOT acting is actually in the patient's interest.

For example, one of my first conversations was with Paul Levy, former CEO of Beth Israel Hospital. He told me about a intervention by Intermountain Health in Utah to reduce the number of c-sections before 39 weeks. Essentially they put in place a protocol to prevent c-sections before 39 weeks unless absolutely medically necessary, and due to this additional waiting time reduced costs and improved health.

AMTSL reminder cards (with ENC)

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These beautifully drawn cards remind clinicians of the key steps of Active Management of the Third Stage Labor. The steps of AMTSL are integrated with Essential Newborn Care. 13 cards take the user carefully through the steps of this protocol critical to preventing postpartum hemorrhage. At 100 sets or more the price is $6 a set.

A mini-"checklist" to help save mothers' lives: Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor

The clinical steps around saving mothers' lives are a matter of swift-decision making and skill.  A lot of attention is being given to a simple process called the 'Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor' as a way to prevent postpartum hemorrhage. While clinicians who have been trained and who do hundreds of deliveries a month will remember the steps in AMTSL, newer clinicians will need reminders.  We saw an interesting rubber stamp that was created for a USAID project. It covered the steps of AMSTL and could be stamped directly into a paper medical record.