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Full obstetric carry-on

suture, specula, DeLee mucous trap, stethoscope, forceps, blood pressure kit,

This full obstetric carry-on comes in backpack or duffel for easy carry on Please contact us before ordering as we are not selling the kit into all countries (note that the kit is not for use in the United States). The obstetric kit includes the following:

  • Blood pressure unit in case
  • Stethoscope in vinyl zipper bag (has different attachments for adult/ child/infant)
  • Solar headlamp
  • Supply of Gauze pads
  • DeLee Mucus trap (for gentle manual suctioning of meconium)
  • 15 pairs latex free/powder free vinyl gloves
  • 6 suture sets
  • Vaginal specula
  • Tissue Forceps
  • Universal scissors
  • Tape
  • Lubricant (20 sterile packets)
  • 2 Sharp/blunt scissors
  • Towels/Blankets
  • 10 ziplock freezer bags

Pairing High- and Low-Tech Solutions for Maternal Health

This post covers the promise of mhealth and the interesting local additions that complement new technology with old school modes of communication.

There are currently over 5 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide, and 1 billion of these people are women in low- and middle-income countries. The UN even estimates that by 2012, half the people living in remote areas will have access to a mobile device. The ubiquity of mobile networks and devices in the developing world provides an unprecedented opportunity to directly connect people—particularly new and expectant mothers—with critical, time-specific health information.

Maternova kits in Haiti

Maternova obstetric kits are the graduation gift for newly minted graduates trained by Midwives for Haiti. Nadene Brunk, director of Midwives for Haiti reports that the newly trained skilled birth attendants are particularly excited about the colour scale anemia detection kit--allowing them a ready way to determine that a woman is anemic. In addition, the solar powered headlamps and rotary mobile phone chargers are so appreciated by the midwives because they not only provide light and power for clinical care but because they help protect the midwives themselves. As midwives work in remote rural areas or in refugee camps, having a link to safety via mobile phone, and having a light offers physical safety.

Rotary Mobile Phone Charger

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Charge cell phones and other portable devices without electrical supply - comes with 3 pin attachments to fit multiple connections including the classic Nokia phone. The phone is charged with a hand crank that one winds to generate a charge. May also be cranked using one hand operation while you continue your phone call. A minute of cranking/winding provides about 2-3 minutes of mobile talk time or about 20-30 minutes of mobile stand-by time. Having power available at all times off the grid is critical for health workers of all kinds!!

Maternova Obstetric Kit

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This pak is focused on preventing postpartum hemorrhage in low-resource settings. It contains a set of simple tools to stuff in a suitcase or backpack. The tools in this pak are meant to be used in addition to a standard midwifery kit. The kit includes the following:

• power: a windable mobile phone charger to call for help or referral
• light: a solar powered headlamp with adjustable visor to see births
• a calibrated drape to measure blood loss (this can be sterilized with bleach but is not
• WHO Colour Scale to detect anemia (comes with 200 test strips)
• Reminder Cards on the Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor

Rapid prototyping for a new kind of midwifery kit to save women's lives in childbirth

First we want to ask, do you want to DONATE or INVEST to help get these paks to the 10 worst-off countries?

Making a pak for remote health workers in Africa, Asia and Latin America requires thinking outside a typical health kit, because some solutions to life-threatening issues lie outside the medical field . In many low-resource settings, drugs and medical personnel are in short supply, but so are key things like light and power.

Midwife Alert Bracelet for West Africa

This artful idea resulted from a collaboration between GE Healthcare and Art Center for Design's Pasadena campus. These techno bracelets, worn by both an expecting mother and midwife, would quickly alert the midwife if the mom-to-be was in trouble. The indentations on the bracelets are a reference to the ritual scarification still practiced by women in some places. It would be called Akuaba, a word associated with fertility in West Africa. We had featured these bracelets in our Innovation Index, but because they are an idea, not in R&D, we thought a better place for this was in the Blog.

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