Kelly's Pad

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The Kelly's Pad is a simple medical device to funnel blood to a collection device in order to help detect postpartum hemorrhage. The device is widely used in India, though not elsewhere. In the video one sees the Kelly pad funnel blood into a calibrated collection bowl which has a hemorrhage alert line at 500 mL. The pad is washable and sterilizable, making it far more cost-effective than a plastic collection drape.

The Problem

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A Free Clinical Textbook on Post Partum Hemorrhage

A Free Clinical Textbook on Postpartum Hemorrhage

Imagine lifesaving clinical guidelines on maternal health could be made widely available at no cost to health workers across the world. The Global Library of Women’s Medicine (GLOWM) is a nonprofit initiative doing just this. Published by David and Paula Bloomer, GLOWM aims to advance women’s health by providing free access to a “vast and constantly updated, peer-reviewed resource of clinical information and guidance.”

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What causes postpartum hemorrhage?

We focus on postpartum hemorrhage because it is the leading cause of maternal death in most settings. Obstetric hemorrhage kills an estimated 150,000 women each year, most of whom live in low-resource settings.

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