Social Impact

Maternova is a social enterprise empowering women and improving health

Our mission is to accelerate the speed at which a core and vital set of life-saving innovations are discovered and deployed to those most in need (starting with mothers and infants). The outcome we seek is improved maternal and newborn health in the 60 lowest-resource/highest mortality areas of the globe. Each of our products is selected using an initial screen to determine whether it is effective, appropriate and durable for the low-resource settings that we serve.

Our impact to date is: 115,000 LIVES IMPACTED in 35 countries.

Maternova's impact is on both health providers as well as patients. We achieve impact through the following steps:

  • cutting edge research on life-saving innovations
  • speeding time to market for ultra low-cost, appropriate health solutions
  • aggregation of innovations in one trusted source to save time
  • bundling of low-cost appropriate technologies
  • bulk purchasing of products to unlock manufacturer's minimum quantities
  • ultra low-cost shipping and distribution options
  • commitment to working with customers to identify the most appropriate options for patient care

The end result is a rapid acceleration of the pace at which life-saving innovations arrive in the hands of providers serving those with the greatest need. This means, more lives saved, more quickly. And yes, we plan to measure that.