Signostics Handheld Portable Ultrasound (Signos-RT)

Signos-RT Portable Handheld Ultrasound
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Price: $6,500.00

Maternova is the EXCLUSIVE distributor of the Signos-RT in Africa, along with distributing in other countries. Please contact us to see how you can purchase one.

Signos RT Personal Ultrasound, the world’s most affordable, simple to use, palm-sized ultrasound instrument. Contact us for pricing in your country:

Innovative and simply indispensible.

Award winning and flexible design with multiple features makes Signos RT an invaluable tool for everyday use. Offering the convenience of real-time B-Mode, M-Mode and PW (pulsed wave) Doppler, volume measurements and simple to access presets, Signos RT is the ideal companion for any point-of-care physician, healthcare professional or veterinarian.

Increase clinical efficiency

Ultrasound improves patient outcomes and reduces risks associated with bladder catheterization, paracentesis, thoracentesis, wound management and fetal presentation assessment.

Portable and affordable

The size of a PDA, the Signos RT is the world’s smallest ultrasound system weighing less than 400 grams, and being significantly more affordable than conventional ultrasound systems it is also the most affordable.

Ready when you need it

With a sleep time of up to 14 days and the ability to power up instantly from sleep mode, the Signos RT is available whenever and wherever you need it. Use entirely as a stand alone ultrasound system or simply plug the hand-held display unit or ultrasound probe directly into your Windows based PC, laptop or tablet running the specially designed SigViewer software, standard with all Signos RT devices. Ideally suited for those occasions when you need the flexibility of a larger display.

Image storage

Using the included 4 GB microSD card you can save in excess of 10,000 high resolution images. With the SigViewer Software you can quickly and easily upload data and images to your Windows based PC, laptop or tablet for reporting, archiving, printing or emailing.

** The Signos-RT is only available for drop shipment to clients located outside of the USA.**

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