Schistosomiasis Filtration Kit

Schistosomiasis filtration method
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Kit Contents:
-500 13mm polycarbonate screen membrane filters (12 µm pore size)
-5 13mm plastic Swinney filter holders
-2 syringes (10 cc)
-Pair of forceps
-Convenient plastic case

Needed for testing but not included:
Lugol's iodine, urine specimen cups, microscope (40x)

The filtration kit uses membrane filter technology to detect and quantify schistosome eggs from urine, providing fast and accurate testing.

Great for use in broad, population testing and public health data.

Called the disease of poverty, schistosomiasis or bilharzia is a neglected tropical disease caused by a parasite living in freshwater snails. It is highly prevalent in poor farming communities that lack adequate safe water or sanitation.

Schistosomiasis causes:
Poor birth outcomes including low birth weight
Inflammation in the placenta
Linked to maternal anemia
Some forms of schistosomiasis are linked to HIV risk increases
Linked to child stunting and reduced cognition

Method used by WHO in "Basic laboratory methods in medical parasitology"

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