Pratt Pouch for Home Based HIV Prevention in Neonates

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This unique packaging allows home based provision of antiretrovirals for newborns in remote settings. A mother tears open the pre-dosed package and drops the life-saving drugs into the infant's mouth.

The Pratt Pouch was developed by Duke University's Engineering School and tested in clinical trials in Ecuador, Zambia and Tanzania. The unique packaging allows antiretrovirals to be packaged for a life span of 12 months.

Local pharmacies can be equipped to fill the pouches on location and then distribute the pouches to hospitals, clinics and rural communities. At home, a mother or caregiver tears open the packet and squeeze the medication into a baby’s mouth – much like a packet of ketchup.

Please note that pre-screened programs can order the sealer, pouches, syringes, syringe tips and instructions as a kit. Contact for this information as well as for bulk orders of the Pratt Pouch.

The Pratt Pouch is filled and sealed with a heat sealer so that the anti-retrovirals can be stored at home until needed after a home birth.

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