Power Pak

Maternova Power pak, power pack, power pak, "community health workers"
SKU: MA3001
Price: $30.00

This simple pak equips a traveler or health worker with a solar powered light, adjustable visor, and a rotary mobile phone charger with three adapters for phones or other electronic equipment.

Charge cell phones and other portable devices without electrical supply - comes with 3 pin attachments to fit multiple connections. The phone is charged with a hand crank that one winds to generate a charge. May also be cranked using one hand operation while you continue your phone call. A minute of cranking/winding provides about 2-3 minutes of mobile talk time or about 20-30 minutes of mobile stand-by time.

Solar-powered clip headlamp and adjustable visor. Photovoltaic panels recharge lithium batteries.
• Runs for 12 hours on a full charge
• Each hour of sun charging provides about an hour of bright light
• Can charge through a window or on the windowsill of a house
• Light reaches about 30 feet
• Can be charged through electrical socket with converter cable (not included)
The headlamp will charge even if sunlight is not hitting it directly, such as through a window. Each hour that the headlamp is in the sun will provide one hour of light for up to 12 hours.

Like all of our products we do offer discounts for volume purchases. At 50 power paks the price drops to $28 and at 100 the price drops to $27. Contact orders@maternova.net for volumes.

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