Maternova Obstetric Kit

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SKU: MA3000
Price: $63.00

This pak is focused on preventing postpartum hemorrhage in low-resource settings. It contains a set of simple tools to stuff in a suitcase or backpack. The tools in this pak are meant to be used in addition to a standard midwifery kit. The kit includes the following:

• power: a windable mobile phone charger to call for help or referral
• light: a solar powered headlamp with adjustable visor to see births
• a calibrated drape to measure blood loss (this can be sterilized with bleach but is not
• WHO Colour Scale to detect anemia (comes with 200 test strips)
• Reminder Cards on the Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor

The carry pack is reusable. The key medical protocol is integrated into the kit so that when it hangs on a hook the protocol is displayed for quick reference.

For a limited time we are also offering for FREE a DVD of Suellen Miller's training on how to detect and manage postpartum hemorrhage. Please note that the optimal use of this kit involves inserting the appropriate uterotonic drug in country.

Please contact us for details on volume discounts. Starting at volumes of 100 we offer large discounts for all of our products. (

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