Anti-shock Garment for postpartum hemorrhage (NASG)

Anti-shock Garment | NASG | NIASG | life wrap | lifewraps | non pneumatic anti
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This pressure suit wraps onto a woman experiencing bleeding after delivery of a baby. A large, hard sphere presses down onto the uterus and helps to stop hemorrhage and reverse shock in mothers.

Please email first if you are interested in an NASG so we can give you a sense of wait times and also determine where and how the NASG will be utilized. If you are interested in large volumes (1000+) the price will drop significantly. In addition to offering direct access to the NASG, Maternova invites those using the NASG to be part of an online collaboration platform with all other users of the device to communicate about 1) best practices 2) training 3) scaling up. We require a signature and detailed form regarding 1) place of use 2) provider level 3) ability of provider to refer to a facility with IV fluids and blood transfusion capability.

The Problem

One postpartum hemorrhage death occurs every 4 minutes. One of the key issues is the speed with which an anemic woman can lose her life if she is not provided life-saving care. Often women die in transit to a higher-level facility. But what if you could ‘buy time’—stabilizing the woman until she reaches a higher level facility? This is the exact idea behind anti-shock garments.

The Evidence

Dr. Suellen Miller of UCSF is leading clinical trials of the device in both Egypt and Nigeria to determine how using an anti-shock garment intervention compares to current practice. Two key studies of an anti-shock garment came out in late 2009—one from Nigeria and one from Egypt. Maternal mortality and morbidity was lower with the use of an anti-shock garment. In both studies, “the measured blood loss was significantly lower for women treated with the NASG: 78% lower in Nigeria and 50% lower in Egypt.”
See the evidence base and a discussion with Dr. Miller on Maternova's blog! Also see the NASG entry on Maternova's Innovation Index.

  • Training is extremely important in the use of this device and Maternova is experimenting with an online collaboration platform to connect those using the device. We will not be able to send the device out unless we liaise with a skilled birth attendant who agrees to undergo the formal training.

  • A video developed by Pathfinder is included free of charge with this order.

To Order

Please send us an email if you are interested: Note that we can not fulfill orders until we reach a set quantity in total. We do not sell the product within the United States--this is an emergency obstetric first aid device for low-resource settings where there is no other option to save women's lives.

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