Maternova Schistosomiasis Kit

schistosomiasis rapid test
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The Urine-CCA (Circulating Cathodic Antigen) test (kit of 50 rapid tests)
• Allows schistosiamsis to be detected within 20 minutes
• Replaces the triple Kato Katz fecal method with a single urine test (similar sensitivity)
• Detects active infection of schistosomiasis and is ideal for settings where a lab or microscopic detection is out of reach

The Maternova Schistosomiasis Kit Contains:
50 Disposable testing cartridges
Buffer Solution
Clear concise directions

Causes poor birth outcomes including low birth weight
Inflammation in the placenta
Linked to maternal anemia
Some forms of schistosomiasis are linked to HIV risk increases
Linked to child stunting and reduced cognition

Called the disease of poverty, schistosomiasis or bilharzia is a neglected tropical disease caused by a parasite living in freshwater snails. It is highly prevalent in poor farming communities that lack adequate safe water or sanitation.

Schistosomes are blood-dwelling flukes belong-ing to the class Trematoda, but differ from other trematodes having separate adult male and female parasites. Sexual reproduction happens in the definitive host (humans, cattle, etc), depending on the Schistosoma species and the asexual reproduction phase happens in the snail (intermediate host). Cercaria (released by specific snail species in the water) enters the human body through the skin. The young schistosomulum is most susceptible to immune damage. Employing certain evasion mech-anisms, the worm becomes refractory, or even immunologically unrecognisable to certain aspects of the host defense mechanism. Adult parasites may survive for many years in the host, even up to 40 years.

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