Low-cost Birth Simulator Kit

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Price: $500.00

The PRONTOPack™ is a low-tech, portable, high-fidelity birth simulator kit designed for use in limited-resource settings. More than just a simulator, the PRONTOPack’s simulation scenarios, instructional techniques and debriefing guide are all key to instituting better birthing outcomes. They are designed to help birthing attendants understand what they are doing right and what needs to be changed, and helps them practice methods proven to save lives.

The full ProntoPack™ includes:

  • PartoPants™ (Low-Tech Birth Simulator worn by Patient Actress or Actor)
  • Injection Pad (To practice administering injections)
  • Simulated Blood System (To simulate hemorrhages and increase realism)
  • Cloth Baby and Placenta (Delivered through PartoPants™)
  • PRONTOCry™ (Pre-Recorded Cry Card)
  • White board and Marker (Vital Signs Monitor)
  • SimPacks™ (Simulation Scenarios)
  • User Manual (Step-by-Step Guide)
  • Instructional Video

PartoPants™ are a pair of carefully stitched recycled surgical scrub pants worn by an actress or actor simulating a patient.

PartoPants™ include:

  • Stretchy vagina for the birth of a baby and placenta
  • Rectum for administration of hemorrhage medications
  • Urethra for catheterization
  • Suprapubis
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