Kit #1: CRADLE vital signs + Solar Panel + Recharger

midwifery power kit for vital signs
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CRADLE vital signs with Venture 30 backup battery/recharger and solar panel Nomad 7 (7 watt)

This kit is useful for antenatal care and any kind of community health or delivery setting, humanitarian or other, where power is uncertain and unpredictable.

Use case:
We package a solution to recharge the CRADLE vital signs alert. The charging solution kit consists of a powerful solar panel and a Venture 30 recharger to recharge the CRADLE vital signs alert, or any other USB chargeable device, inclulding your phone.

This charging solution set can recharge the CRADLE 12 times over. The recharger itself has a small task light embedded in it.

Upgrade options:

13 watt solar panel: If you need to charge multiple devices, we do offer a more powerful solar panel that is 13 watts.

Charging and lighting extension cords

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