Infant Thermal Bag

thermal infant bag
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The Thermal Bag is designed to protect and prevent hypo-thermia. The product is made of bubble wrap that provides protection from the elements of wind, rain, dust and snow, etc. If available and necessary, any other insulating material should be used.

It is made of 3-tier foil (90 My.

The Problem

Hypothermia in Infants. WHO RHL Library
"In under-resourced settings in low- and middle-income countries, hypothermia at birth is one of the most important risk factors for morbidity and mortality in newborn infants of all birth weights and gestational ages."
"Prevention and management of hypothermia is one of the key interventions for reducing neonatal mortality and morbidity. According to UNICEF, such interventions can help reduce neonatal mortality or morbidity by 18%–42%"

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