ThermoSpot Temperature indicator for infants

Last Update: December 21, 2013

This stick-on temperature gauge is the very first low cost simple hypothermia device. The fading smile on this LCD (liquid crystal display) ThermoSpot temperature indicator could save babies from hypothermia, a leading cause of neonatal death. The smile is seen on a disc stuck onto the skin which monitors temperature and stays green if the baby has a healthy temperature of between 36.5ºC (97.7ºF) to 37.5ºC (99.5ºF). If the baby's temperature drops, the smile disappears and the spot turns black. The simple device can stay in place for up to ten days The device is in use in India, Nepal, Malawi and Siberia. One of the most important aspects of this innovation is that it is designed for easy use by illiterate mothers.

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