Haemoglobin Colour Scale for anemia

Last Update: December 21, 2013
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We have just added two studies below which examine the efficacy of the WHO Colour Scale for use in testing anemia in infants and children. Both studies found that the Colour Scale was effective and recommend its use in places with no lab.

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The Haemoglobin Colour Scale allows a quick anemia check using a drop of blood and visual comparison to the color scale.  This product is on the market.  The colour of a finger prick blood sample, soaked into chromatography paper, is compared with the colour of blood of known haemoglobin content depicted on the scale in 2 g/dl increments from 4 g/dl to 14 g/dl.

The papers below also studied the efficacy of the WHO Colour Scale for detecting anemia in children and infants.

Critchley J, Bates I. Haemoglobin colour scale for anaemia diagnosis where there is no laboratory: a systematic review. Int J Epidemiol 2005;34:1425-1434.

Hemoglobin Colour Scale: Operational Research Agenda and Study Design

Indian J Med Res. 2008 Sep ;128 (3):278-81 19052338
Evaluation of WHO haemoglobin colour scale & palmar pallor for screening of anaemia among children (6-35 months) in rural Wardha, India.
N Sinha, P R Deshmukh, B S Garg
Dr Sushila Nayar School of Public Health, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sewagram, India.

Trop Doct. 2007 Jul ;37 (3):158-61 17716504
Diagnostic accuracy of the haemoglobin colour scale in neonates and young infants in resource-poor countries.
P F van Rheenen, L T T de Moor

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I came across this product while in India and it was being used to test Anaemia in poor localities. I think Sai Enterprises are the exclusive distributors for HCS and are actively involved in supplying these kits through Copack Services, Germany. WHO has done developing countries a big favour in building this Haemoglobin Colour Scale and helping millions of poor people. Well done, Sanjay.