Solar Headlamp & Visor

solar headlamp | solar light for midwives | solar headlight
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Solar-powered clip headlamp and adjustable visor useful for seeing births and/or walking in a dark area. The headlamp is a single rechargeable unit--no unwieldy cords or batteries involved. Photovoltaic panels recharge lithium batteries

• Runs for 12 hours on a full charge
• Each hour of sun charging provides about an hour of bright light
• Can charge through a window or on the windowsill of a house
• Light reaches about 30 feet
• Can be charged through electrical socket with converter cable (not included)

The headlamp will charge even if sunlight is not hitting it directly, such as through a window. Each hour that the headlamp is in the sun will provide one hour of light for up to 12 hours. It is also useful for any kind of community health worker who needs to see to manage drug regimens, medical records or look at patients in dim light!! We also have customers buying the headlamp for all kinds of agricultural work as well.

The Problem

In rural areas, reliable electricity is often missing, which forces midwives or other health workers to attend births in the dark, or by candlelight. This solar powered headlamp leaves the health worker's hands free, and provides 12 hours of bright light!

The Evidence

“The midwives all LOVED the phone chargers, solar headlamps, and hemoglobinometers. The solar headlamps are used on overnight shifts at the hospital, during the time when there is
no electricity.“ Midwives for Haiti

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