CeraLyte 50 - Oral Rehydration Salt (case of 100)

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CeraLyte 10 is a unique rice-based oral rehydration formulation for mild dehydration or for maintaining fluid balance and volume. Maternova distributes CeraLyte 10 in cases of 100 packets.

Diarrheal disease is a major killer of children in low-resource settings and oral rehydration salts are a critical component of shortening the duration of this illness. Diarrhea is a common problem for many people; bacteria and viruses are among its many causes. Diarrhea often stops in a day or so, but it can become dangerous if lost fluids are not replaced properly, causing dehydration. An oral electrolyte solution, such as CeraLyte, addresses these problems by properly replacing fluids.

Common sense suggests that the best treatment for dehydration is drinking water. However, significant electrolyte loss almost always accompanies water loss—so both electrolytes and water must be replaced. Not every liquid rehydrates correctly: water does not provide the needed electrolytes, while sugary or salty drinks (or foods) can make the problem worse.

Rice-based oral electrolyte solutions are effective in reducing volume and duration of diarrhea, and like all Cera products, CeraLyte is no exception. It does so by providing the minerals and salts needed for replacing fluids lost from diarrhea. Used under medical supervision, CeraLyte packets can speed up recovery for both adults and children as CeraLyte’s formulation simultaneously treats diarrhea symptoms and rehydrates.

All Cera products replace fluid losses with a composition that is similar to what was lost. In addition, Cera products replace volume quickly, and can be taken on a regular basis, before the problem becomes serious.

The role of electrolytes for rehydration:
Essential electrolytes, including an adequate supply of sodium, are needed to regulate the body's delicate fluid balance and to maintain good circulation. Too little fluid volume, or hypovolemia, can cause shock, stroke or cardiac arrest (heart attack). Repeated episodes of dehydration or serious dehydration can permanently harm organ functioning, especially early or late in life.

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