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RubyCup and World Toilet Day; We Can't Hold it Any Longer, We Love Them!

Just when you thought there could be no more revered – or feared – days of observance, along comes ‘World Toilet Day’ again to remind us how far we have NOT come. Our hopes were so high that the Gates Foundation would solve this dire dilemma, only to come up short like the last square on the roll. $40 million dollars in funding simply flushed with no viable solution. The basic facts remain unchanged that one in three women and girls lack even basic sanitation services. Over 2.5 billion people do not have access to a toilet.

What happens when sanitation isn’t available?

Ruby Cup (Pack of 6)

Cost-effective re-usable and hygienic menstrual cup
 Cost-effective re-usable menstrual cup

Ruby Cup is a menstrual cup, a sustainable menstrual hygiene product that is reusable for 10 years. A hygienic and eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons, it collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it. This means no dryness or leftover fibers. It is made of 100% medical grade silicone and contains no harmful absorbency gels, additives or perfumes. There are no side effects and there is no risk of developing Toxic Shock Syndrome with Ruby Cup. This re-usability eliminates the waste that would be generated by thousands of disposable products (women use on average 11,000 items of disposable sanitary products in their lifetimes).