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Fundal Height Measuring Tape with Pictoral Danger Signs

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Maternova and Mommy Measure partnered to bring this obstetric measuring tape to the market.

Fundal height (or symphysio-fundal height) is the distance from the top of the pubic bone to the top of the uterus. The measurement of this height is usually within 1-3 cm of the baby's gestational age in weeks-- though some literature does indicate that this measurement is most accurate in the second half of a pregnancy (after 20 weeks). The fundal height can be used to track the progress of a pregnancy in two week intervals, to estimate gestational age, track fetal growth and the general health of the pregnancy.

Fetascope or pinard horn


The fetascope is for listening for fetal heart tones in pregnancy and for use by midwives, nurses and ob/gyn. They include colorful reminders of danger signs in pregnancy. This is available in:

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Stéthoscope fœtal
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Ces outils pour les sages-femmes, les infirmières, les obstétriciens et les gynécologues comprennent des rappels illustrés des signes de danger durant une grossesse.

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