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Maternova Obstetric Kit

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This pak is focused on preventing postpartum hemorrhage in low-resource settings. It contains a set of simple tools to stuff in a suitcase or backpack. The tools in this pak are meant to be used in addition to a standard midwifery kit. The kit includes the following:

• power: a windable mobile phone charger to call for help or referral
• light: a solar powered headlamp with adjustable visor to see births
• a calibrated drape to measure blood loss (this can be sterilized with bleach but is not
• WHO Colour Scale to detect anemia (comes with 200 test strips)
• Reminder Cards on the Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor

Rapid prototyping for a new kind of midwifery kit to save women's lives in childbirth

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Making a pak for remote health workers in Africa, Asia and Latin America requires thinking outside a typical health kit, because some solutions to life-threatening issues lie outside the medical field . In many low-resource settings, drugs and medical personnel are in short supply, but so are key things like light and power.