midwife kit

Full obstetric carry-on

suture, specula, DeLee mucous trap, stethoscope, forceps, blood pressure kit,

This full obstetric carry-on comes in backpack or duffel for easy carry on Please contact us before ordering as we are not selling the kit into all countries (note that the kit is not for use in the United States). The obstetric kit includes the following:

  • Blood pressure unit in case
  • Stethoscope in vinyl zipper bag (has different attachments for adult/ child/infant)
  • Solar headlamp
  • Supply of Gauze pads
  • DeLee Mucus trap (for gentle manual suctioning of meconium)
  • 15 pairs latex free/powder free vinyl gloves
  • 6 suture sets
  • Vaginal specula
  • Tissue Forceps
  • Universal scissors
  • Tape
  • Lubricant (20 sterile packets)
  • 2 Sharp/blunt scissors
  • Towels/Blankets
  • 10 ziplock freezer bags

Pairing High- and Low-Tech Solutions for Maternal Health

This post covers the promise of mhealth and the interesting local additions that complement new technology with old school modes of communication.

There are currently over 5 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide, and 1 billion of these people are women in low- and middle-income countries. The UN even estimates that by 2012, half the people living in remote areas will have access to a mobile device. The ubiquity of mobile networks and devices in the developing world provides an unprecedented opportunity to directly connect people—particularly new and expectant mothers—with critical, time-specific health information.