community health workers

Power Pak

Maternova Power pak, power pack, power pak, "community health workers"

This simple pak equips a traveler or health worker with a solar powered light, adjustable visor, and a rotary mobile phone charger with three adapters for phones or other electronic equipment.

Charge cell phones and other portable devices without electrical supply - comes with 3 pin attachments to fit multiple connections. The phone is charged with a hand crank that one winds to generate a charge. May also be cranked using one hand operation while you continue your phone call. A minute of cranking/winding provides about 2-3 minutes of mobile talk time or about 20-30 minutes of mobile stand-by time.

Solar-powered clip headlamp and adjustable visor. Photovoltaic panels recharge lithium batteries.
• Runs for 12 hours on a full charge