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Seeing the Big Picture Just Became Easier with Ultrasound

ultrasound handheld Signos rural #maternalhealth

Providing high quality antenatal care for expectant mothers is a fundamental part of ensuring a safe delivery, and a healthy mom postpartum. In order to do that, some innovative products have been introduced for low resource settings. There’s no denying the importance of ultrasound technology during pregnancy. However, until fairly recently, it has been out of reach for many caregivers due to high cost, or complex application. We’re very pleased to announce: that has all changed.

Who’d have guessed that the invaluable insight provided by ultrasonic technology would be able to fit in the palm of your hand! ?The Signos-RT, a wildly effective handheld unit has both FDA approval and CE marking making it ideal for global adoption. We recently checked in with one of our most ambitious and remarkable friends, Jill Gerber, Nurse Practitioner, as she traveled into Haiti armed with the Signos-RT and asked her what she really thinks about this addition to the Maternova product portfolio.

Jill traveled to the Clinic of Mizak, located in Mizak, Haiti with the group HAPI (Haitian Artisans for Peace). This is what she had to say about the ease of use, and overall benefit of having access to such a miraculous device:

“We spent an afternoon training on the device, mainly focusing on the nurse midwife that would be utilizing it for her patients. The first time we used it on a patient was exciting for everyone in the room! I began demonstrating and then turned it over to Myriane, my colleague. She explained to the mom what we were doing and what we were looking for. So amazing to be a part of that”

“The device was very effective for the purposes of fetal presentation which is what we focused on. The nurse midwife has seen an ultrasound before but had never used one. And the new mothers that we used it with had never before seen anything like it!”

Signos RT in Mizak Haiti
Signos RT handheld ultrasound Mizak HAPI

“ Power usage and device abilities were great and will serve this prenatal clinic very well.
This device has the ability to help them deal with very serious potential OB complications like placental previa/low lying placenta and difficult presentations. The ability to have ultrasound capability takes this rural Haitian maternity clinic to the next level of care!”

Maternova, Inc. is offering the Signos-RT ultrasound proudly in partnership with Signostics Limited and WomanCare Global. We are starting in Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. Contact us to learn more and see how you can see the big picture for moms and newborns, wherever you are. (