Announcing Maternova Research: A non-profit affiliate of Maternova

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Our Current Projects

uChek Study
A prospective observational study of the accuracy, efficacy and feasibility of nurse midwives in low resource settings using Biosense’s uChek (a smartphone enabled urinalysis device) as a tool for detecting biomarkers in urine indicative of preeclampsia/eclampsia at >22 weeks gestation (protein and protein:creatinine ratio) and other conditions affecting pregnant women.

Our Simple Mission:

We exist to pursue exciting innovations for obstetric and newborn health and get them into use in low-resource countries more quickly.

Why a Non-Profit?

Maternova Inc. has built a strong international brand with its Innovation Index and its global
health marketplace. Maternova was recognized in 2012 as “1 of the 50 Best Ideas For Women
Globally” by Women Deliver. It’s time to expand our reach and potential for impact.

Maternova Research formalizes what we already provide as a public good and what is already
recognized as ‘the go-to location’ for updates in maternal and newborn health innovation. Some impressive facts about our reach include:

  • 170 countries from the furthest points on the globe connect with us daily
  • Our content is sourced by Stanford, Harvard, MIT Johns Hopkins, Brown and Rice and many other universities involved in the global health research and development.
  • Our work has impacted over 73,000 lives globally… but there’s more to do! We need your help to do it.

Why it’s Important:

We need to speed up the research and deployment cycle. Simple innovations save lives.

Let us give you an example: We get many requests for free samples of of our technologies. Researchers who want to do a pilot study to prove the effectiveness of a technology in their
setting. If they can do the study they can likely convince the government to invest in
scaling up the technology. If they can’t afford to do the study, the technology will never
see implementation in that country. Maternova Research will play a catalytic role in funding
early stage pilot trials of certain technologies through our work.

We need to do the following:

  • fund more rapid pilot trials in a range of countries simultaneously
  • spread evidence-based interventions more rapidly through social media
  • broker product donations and discounts for essential life-saving innovations
  • unlock factory minimums through guarantees and other financing mechanisms

But That’s Not All:

The additional goals of Maternova Research include the following:

  • Creating the first global ‘seal of approval’ for tested and approved innovations
  • Expand to include child health products and protocols
  • Return the favor: moms in the USA need help too. We will reinvest into domestic initiatives for women and children.
  • YOU can be the first to pilot our line of proprietary products in research! They’re coming!

How You Can Help

  • Spread the word and tell all your contacts about Maternova Research
  • Follow us on Twitter! @mtnva_research
  • Consider making a tax deductible donation
  • Become a partner. Contact us to learn more. (

Together we can change the lives of women and children globally. Join us!

Thank you for all you do for women!