Ambu Bag Infant Silicone Resuscitator (Reusable)

Ambu bag | infant ambu bag | infant resuscitation
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Reusable Silicone Infant Resuscitator

Ergonomic bag design secures optimal user handling and support during extended ventilation. The bag has superior surface and grip properties. The hand strap ensures a good grip, which helps to reduce fatigue during manual ventilation; also for users with small hands
* The patient valve with swivel enables free positioning of the bag without removing the mask from the patient
* Ambu Oval Silicone Resuscitators is easy to disassemble. An effective procedure for cleaning and sterilization can be used. Can be autoclaved at 134°C
* Optimal user handling and support during extended ventilation

Ambu Oval Silicone Resuscitator, Neonate with neonate patient valve, pressure limiting valve, open cuff silicone face mask size 0 and standard O2 reservoir tube

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